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Most known for his adventurous spirit, Nick challenges the status quo at every turn. Nick earned his notoriety by challenging his nutritional habits and wild experiments. Most know Nick as the ‘fitness’ guy but, for Nick, it’s always been much bigger than health and fitness.

Nick’s a student of Stoic philosophy and living a simple, minimalistic lifestyle. Health and fitness has always been a major component to Nick’s life but it serves as a means to an end rather than the full extent of what he devotes his life too.

Being healthy and strong allows Nick to set his sights on the tallest of mountains, literally. His current training is trending towards putting him on top of the some of the tallest mountains on earth and, possible, descending them strapped to a snowboard.

Author & Writer

Nick has published two books that have motivated and encouraged others. Nick's a different thinker than most and strives to help everybody develop a "Relentless Mindset." Hundreds of his articles can be found throughout the inter webs discussing topics from workouts, nutrition, and motivation.


Nick works with brands such as Shady Rays to develop content and promote brands that are just as Relentless as Nick's lifestyle. Nick only promotes brands he uses and trusts.


Nick's adventurous spirit has taken him all over the country, from the heart of North Carolina to the beaches of Southern California. Nick has, more or less, found a home in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. However, you can still find Nick behind the wheel heading out to his next adventure.


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"The view is always worth the climb."
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