Mr. #Relentless

Nick broke into the health and fitness scene via the written word. He’s written hundreds of articles that span from nutrition, workout advice, and Nick’s specialty, motivation! You can find Nick’s work on sites such as,, and

Nick’s book, “The Relentless Mindset,” dives further into his principles and philosophies that he applies in his daily life. But, don’t get it confused. Nick’s not just a talker. He walks the walk! Nick backs up his advice with action and BEGS you to do the same!

Nick’s affiliation with top brands (NutraBio and IconMeals) further prove his growing credibility in the highly competitive industry of health and fitness.

It won’t take you long to realize that Nick is so much more than just a trainer or diet guru. He aims to motivate and inspire others to live their best lives. How does he do that? Simple. He documents his journey and shares it with the world.

Nick’s videos, articles, and personality scale much further than just the health and fitness industry. You’ll quickly see that Nick does things a bit differently but they are all calculated and executed according his specific goals.

Nick preaches this above all else: figure out what it is you really want, and tailor everything to that goal.

Nick’s story is filled with facing fears head on, taking huge leaps of faith, learning from the ‘failures,’ and never settling. Nick’s messages may hit close to home. They may seem harsh and strict. But what else do you expect from a guy nicknamed “Mr. Relentless.”

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Members Testimonials

  • You are my inspiration man!. . .

    Sandra [Texarkana, AR]
  • Nick has some great reads! It's no nonsense and truth… I definitely respect that!. . .

    Katie [DeKalb, TX]
  • Love the blog! Blown away by how well of a writer you are. Your site is definitely a part of my daily routine!  . . .

    Logan [Texarkana, TX]
  • Nick has helped me out so much the past few months. I've been trying to trim up and he's given me nutrition, supplement, and workout tips along with the drive and motivation to get where I want to be.. . .

    Jake [Taylorsville, UT]
  • Nick's very motivated in what he does and truly inspires people. . .

    Jon [Maud, TX]
  • I've seen more results in two weeks than I have in months of taking insanity.. . .

    Josh [DeQueen, AR]