In this article, I discuss my ‘go to’ ab exercises that help build strong abdominals without wasting a lot of time flopping around on the floor. I’m HUGE on efficiency! Wasted effort with no return on investment (ROI), makes me sick! Avoid wasted time and effort and start getting results with these five exercises!

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I must preface this article with the following:

Disclaimer: these exercises alone will not guarantee that you have abs in any allotted time frame. Proper diet and overall exercise will play critical roles in developing the abs you desire. The following is just a few exercises that I found to be beneficial if you decide that direct ab training is for you. If you’re uncertain if direct ab training is necessary for you, please read this article. I find it very sad that I must put such a disclaimer on here but it’s quite necessary. Maybe I’m selling my audience short. Perhaps, I’m only attracting the serious trainee. I suppose, I shall ponder these thoughts a bit more while I appreciate a solid view. Nonetheless, here are the exercises I use to sharpen up my abs and provide that ‘pop.’ 


1. Windshield Wipers
These are quite difficult to perform and should only be attempted by more advanced trainees. However, they provide a lot of bang for you buck and only require a few sets to break down your abs. These will help develop some great rotational strength and could prove to be very beneficial for baseball/softball players, golfers, and other athletes who require power in the transverse plane.


2. Kettle Bell Pirate Ships
By far, one of the most popular exercises on my 60 For 60 Challenge I implemented back in early 2015, the Kettle Bell Pirate Ships are a solid exercise for beginners and advanced trainees alike. The key here is to stay in control of the KB the whole time. This one will work all parts of the abs (rectus abdominis, internal/external obliques, transverse abdominis).


3. Running Man
Be sure to break the 90 degree plane with your knee. This will incorporate a lot of hip flexors but if you can get the pelvis to tuck under (posterior pelvic tilt) you’ll incorporate the abs quite nicely.


4. Resisted Ab Curl Downs
Typically, I use a cable machine for this one but I’m not in the gym, I use a resistance band like I do in the video. This one is a great one to break down the entire ab region. Be sure to get the full range of motion and incorporate all the muscle fibers you can!


5. Draw Bridges
This one is a great isometric/essentric ab exercise. Don’t be fooled, this one is quite difficult but will help you build some great strength and stability in your abdominal region.


These exercises aren’t designed for the beginner. These are exercises I stick to for my ab routines. Keep in mind that I’ve been training since I was 15. Don’t compare yourself to me. Compare yourself to you, yesterday. Is the person you see in the mirror today better than the person you saw in the mirror last week?

I have many more ab exercises on my youtube channel. If you need some easier exercises to get started with, I recommend you start here.

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