Each day I’m further convinced that my mindset is vastly different than most. I’m not saying this to brag. Quite frankly, it’s frustrating as hell!

Every time I tell somebody about how I want to do something or try something new. I’m stuck battling down rebuttles and defending my position.


They mistakenly think I’m asking for their opinion or approval. I need not either one. Honestly, I couldn’t give two shits what they think. I’ll decide what’s possible. I’ll decide what I’ll pursue.

I just wish more people viewed the positvie side of things too. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not niave to all the negative consequences when it comes to making a decision. However, I refuse to let that be the only determining factor in the final decision.

Here’s a few examples of what I’m talking about:

Moving Somewhere You Would Love to Live

  • You don’t know anybody
  • But I have a job here
  • My family is here

I’ve moved a few different places without knowing a single person there. Guess what. I met people. And that was during a time in my life where I wasn’t near as social as I am now.

There are literally jobs EVERYWHERE! Get a new job!

I’m not saying you have to take a completely blind leap of faith, like I have done. But, if there is somewhere you truly wish to live, do your homework and apply to jobs there.

You think somebody is just going to email you out of the blue and offer you a job?? That almost never happens.

I’ve literally begged people to come out to California with me. I told them what I was doing and I could see their eyes light up. They would love to do it. I told them to come with me. I desperately tried to reframe their mindset to not look at the dificulties involved, but rather, to look at the payoff of pursuing your dreams and getting out of your comfort zones, no matter the outcome.

I want to bring people with me! But, I can’t drag them along and beg them to continue the journey. At some point, they have to make the decision to follow their heart and see it through, no matter what!

Each one of us has to make the decision for ourselves. At some point, the risks involved mean very little to living the life we’ve always invisioned.

Learning to Surf

  • The Pacific’s Cold
  • What about Sharks?

The winters in Oklahoma are cold too. And, I’ll give you the shark thing. It is a risk but there are millions of people who surf a year and the statistics are just not in favor getting bit. The last thing I would want to do is get bitten by a shark. And, I have watched many shark weeks. But, I feel like it’s part of the territory and a fear that may be beneficial to face, at least for me.


  • “You stay on your butt all day”
  • Hurts to fall
  • It’s hard

You’re probably right. I’ll probably spend most of the first few days learning to break my fall. And, every time I fall, I’ll get back up and try again. Just as I did when I was a kid learning to walk. I stumbled and fell over and over but I didn’t throw the towel in and quit.


Why is it we lose that Relentless Effort as we age. We start playing things safe and make decisions on the negative side of things. We ask questions like, what if it doesn’t workout?

I’ve got two better questions!

  1. What if it does work out?!
  2. What if I decide not to try it and regret it later in life?!

I say the pain of regret hurts a hell of lot worse. No, there is no need to learn how to snowboard. It’s simply something I want to do. That’s the only reason I need.

Surf and Snowboard all in the same day

  • Surfing is too exhausting
  • Won’t have enough time
  • Snow won’t be good where you go

I’ll build up my stamina.
I’ll wait until the longest day of the year if I have too.
I’ll snowboard at night.

Whatever it takes, I’ll do it. I honestly don’t believe this to be too far-fetched. I woud also be shocked to find out that this hasn’t happened yet. It just seems far too possible to question. But, that could just be me being crazy. If so, I can live with that.

These may seem like small and unimportant tasks in the grand scheme of things. However, if we treat little things in such a way, it is highly likely that we treat larger issues and decisions in much of the same way. I’m more after the principle here:

“He who can be trusted with little, can be trusted with much. He who is dishonest with little, will be dishonest with much.”
– Luke 16:10

We only get one shot at this thing called life. My friends, I beg of you, whatever it is that you want to come from this life, don’t waste another day wishing. Start to take the actions necessary to make it become a reality. Your reality. Stop the excuses and throw away the fears. Live a life you can be proud of.

As I stated earlier, I’ll decide what is possible. I’ll decide what to pursue.

You should too, my friend! #Relentless

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