A Pretty Sweet Week of Workouts. Too Cool Not To Share!

A few weeks ago, I decided to go out to Los Angeles to see about a career move and, probably more so, a personal lifestyle move. Nonetheless, I decided to do in road trip fashion. I loaded down the ole Ford with clothes and food and hit the road.

I left Northeast Texas with Denver, CO being my first stop. I had a friend and client there. I thought I could mix a little work with play. And, that’s what we certainly did. Lot’s of hiking including a hike, I’ll never forget. Read more about that here.

Afterwards, as fate would have it, a long-lost buddy from high school was scoping out a job opportunity in Grand Junction, CO. My next destination (Salt Lake City, UT) would call for the road to take me right through Grand Junction. I stayed in Grand Junction for a night and did the best I could to catch up with a great friend whom I haven’t seen in over 4 years.

From there, I went on to Salt Lake City, then Las Vegas, then Oceanside, CA and then finally Los Angeles. Now, back to the thesis of the article.

I can definitely say that this one of the most unique weeks of workouts I have ever had. Typically, while traveling, it’s difficult to get a good workout in. This week would be a bit different and offer many unique experiences.

Oct 31st – Ran 2 Miles in Downtown Denver (15:25)
Nov 2nd – Legs @ Vasa Fitness in West Jordan, Utah (just south of Salt Lake City)
Nov 3rd – Chest & Arms @ City Athletic Club (Las Vegas)
Nov 4th – Legs & Back @ Lake Las Vegas Resort (Henderson, NV)
Nov 5thFull Body Beach Workout Camp Pendleton Beach (Oceanside, CA)

In retrospect, that’s one hell of a week of workouts. Mind you, I drove well over 1,000 miles that week. Diet-wise, it wasn’t the best week but I managed to do my best and had prepared ahead of time with my IconMeals.

I posted pictures to my Facebook and Instagram page (@nlatoof) so be sure to go check them out and like ’em, if you feel so inclined.

Since then, you’ve probably seen pictures of my brother and I working out at Gold’s Gym in Venice Beach A.K.A “The Mecca.” It was quite surreal to workout where all the greats have and still do! It was even better to experience that with my brother. I look to go back as often as I’m able.

Currently, my ‘home’ gym is the Gold’s Gym in Pasadena. The outside portion is what sold me on it, hands down. I’ve had a few solid workouts there and look forward to getting in many more going forward.

Keep fighting the good fight my friends and, as always, Be #Relentless!!




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