As a young, crazy ambitious dude, I have found myself in quite the predicaments, from time to time. Overall, I am happy with my progress and accomplishments but there is one nasty habit, that it’s taken me a while to rid of.


I have been extremely blessed and have no shortage of opportunity. In fact, my problem is the exact opposite. I’ve had too much opportunity. In fact, a lot of times I have been crippled by opportunity, with having many great options laid before me. 

I know that whatever I choose I will make it the right choice. However, I cannot merely flip a coin. The decisions need to be analyzed and well thought out. I’ll dive into my thought process another time. For now, I want to address the main issue that currently holds me back. 

It’s taken me longer than necessary to do this but I can’t put it off any more. So, here goes…. 

The bad habit of which I speak is Biting off More Than I Can Chew. It means that I have taken on projects that I didn’t have the time or the resources to fulfill. It’s a good problem to have but a problem nonetheless. 

While it does effect me, I am exponentially more saddened that it has effected others and potentially has held back their progress. I even accepted the responsibility knowing that my plate was already full and it would require sacrifices that would be difficult to make. 

What’s worse, is that I sought out these projects and offered to do them. In some ways, I suppose that alleviates the burden of unfulfilling them but in my eyes it doesn’t lesson the failure and still decreases the value of my word. 

I greatly underestimated the work it would require and tremendously overestimated my ability to make time and energy for the projects. As someone who tries to know as much about themselves as possible, this seems like a huge failure. And, it is! 

I have always striven to be a guy that will admit when he’s wrong.

In this case, I am most certainly wrong. 


I’ve once said, “stay hungry and keep a full plate.” But, even the greatest of appetites have their limits. I believe I have found mine in a less than desirable way. 

You see, taking on too many projects just leads to shitty work or an incompletion altogether. I, for one, am not a big fan of shitty work, so my result from this bad habit is a pile of very incomplete projects. Metaphorically, they lay on the ground, reminding me of what could’ve been and preventing me from what needs to be. 

It’s a sad place, where nobody wins. And the people who really lose are the ones I have made promises to. Damn, that angers me and I have nobody to blame but myself. There’s not much I can do and perhaps, that bothers me even more. 

All I can do is apologize and perhaps make it up to them in the long run. I don’t necessarily think that any bridges have been burned. But, if that is the case, I would surely understand. 

Moving forward, I must not let this become an issue again. I must learn from this painful lesson and never forget what it has taught me. 


I do hope that it brings the individuals I have let down some satisfaction that I feel I have learned greatly from this time. I do not take lightly my lack of results. But, I believe that this has been the catalyst for everything I will create in the future. 

If there’s one thing I hate, it’s letting people down. I know I don’t always have control over this but in these instances the responsibility is all mine. I take full blame and responsibility. The consequences I shall face and wear as a scarlet letter. 

I need to release this burden from myself so that I can move forward swiftly. I am extremely sad to have let down friends but I can’t wallow in this self pity any longer. I own up to my shortcomings, accept the ridicule and blame, and move forward with projects I am called to do. 


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