Awe… San Diego… such a great city… I had the privilege to spend the first part of my week here… and with all the great options to choose from, you’ll never guess what I chose!

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Beach Hut Deli – San Diego

Location! Location! Location!

Boy, does this one deliver on the above three items! Also, not a bad selection of food! Here’s your weekly Nick’s Pick! Enjoy…


Top notch! I chose to sit outside as the it was close to sunset and I had a clear view to watch the sun set behind the marina. But, even if I would’ve chosen to dine inside; that would’ve been pretty cool too!

Great atmosphere with lots of TVs and friendly waitresses. One even greeted me with, “hey hon, good to see you again!” Though I had never been here before I responded, “hey, yeah, good to see you again too!” (I don’t like making people feel stupid so I just went with it.)

Inside or out this atmosphere was top notch! Insert A-OK emoji here:

Score: 8.3

I kind of hit on this above but the service was solid. A bar type setting so the service wasn’t really part of the experience. However, I was warmly greeted and treated well. The guy who took my order was pretty chill and had a good attitude.

I can appreciate that.

Nothing special here but they did a solid job!

Score: 7.0


View / Ambience:
Sunset as I chowed down… hard… to… beat…

Hell of a way to wrap up the weekend and avoid the Sunday Scaries… (is that what the kids are calling it these days?)

Score: 8.8

Social Media:
Apparently these restaurants are all up the West Coast, which is fine… I’ve never eaten at any of them. However, I would like to stick to more local places if possible.

But, in my defense, I had planned on reviewing another place but that one will have to wait…

While many of the other locations do have a bit better social presence, these guys are doing a good job. Solid pictures, they highlight some of their employees.

(Highlighting employees that customers will actually come into contact with is a big key here… when you put real people that really work there it makes the place feel real. When I look at the page, I don’t get the feeling of “automated” or trying to be “too professional.” Those two things are off putting and could detour potential customers and fans. To see what I mean, check them out here @beachhutdelisd)

The website didn’t have any of the burritos listed on their menu page. Probably needs to be updated as I feel like the burritos are one of their best items. It’s a good looking page but some of the images don’t load properly… could use some work.

Their Instagram does capitalize on the Shark Week craze and #hashtag game is solid!
Not too shabby.

Score: 6.4

Food / Drink
Finally, the best part of the review… For those of you who just skip to this part, let me give you force you to hold your horses a bit and explain myself…

The above info I find necessary because for me, dining is much more than just the food. It’s about the overall experience. These reviews are intended to bring value to the customer as well as the business/restaurant owner.

(Is it too arrogant to think they actually read my reviews and/or care? Let me know in the comments…)

But yes, I agree, the food must be good! So, here we go with the rest of the review.


I love places that serve breakfast all day. As a guy who doesn’t eat breakfast at the typical breakfast time, I often miss out on the foods known for morning time eating.

As I mentioned before, I couldn’t find my burrito on their website but if my memory serves me right, I believe it was called the “hang loose” burrito.

A fluffy tortilla packed full with 3 eggs, bacon strips, and avocado. Man was it good!

I’m not sure I’ll ever get over the taste of fresh avocado. Living in California certainly has spoiled me in the fresh avocado department, among others.

The bacon was cooked quite well. The whole strip didn’t come out when I bit into it. Rather, it broke and went peacefully into my mouth without much struggle… a refreshing chain of events…

The eggs are up for debate.

Were they real?

I’d like to think so!

However, I’m not naive to the fact that they very well could’ve been of the liquid kind. I”m not going to sit here and try to convince you that my palette* is so sensitive and better than yours.

Truth is, it’s probably not.

Regardless if the eggs were real or not, they were delicious. The whole burrito was delicious! In fact, I wish a had a bag full of them right now! Sounds awesome!

Was it the best burrito I’ve ever eaten. Naw… not quite.

Was this a good burrito? You bet!

Score: 7.2

Pretty standard pricing for a beach cafe / bar spot. I paid right under $10 bucks for the monstrous burrito, that would more than most could handle.

I knocked it out like a champ and washed it down with a protein shake… the NutraBio kind!

You won’t break the bank here.

Score: 7.5

Beach Hut Deli San Diego…. you did your thing and I appreciate the hospitality, the view, and the burrito. A kick-ass way to spend my Sunday night!

All things considered, this would be a spot I would revisit again. I think you should scope out it if your in the area. Ya know, if it’s your type of thing.

Lots of good restaurants in San Diego but this one deserves some consideration…

Score: 7.5

Hey! That’s three weeks in a row!

I sincerely hope you’re enjoying the reviews. I’m certainly enjoying writing them. I’ve got a solid place in Santa Monica scoped out for tonight that will be next weeks review. Don’t miss that one!!

*You like that fancy word, don’t ya?

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