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Relive life on the road with Nick as he travels all over North America!

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Being physically fit is of the utmost importance to Nick. Discover what he utilizes to keep his #Relentless edge sharp!

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Read Nick recap the story of his mountain adventures.

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Dive inside Nick's head and learn what drives and motivates him to give this life all he's got!

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When Nick looks back on his life, he wants to be able to say, 'Man, that was some top shelf shit.'

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Nick provides his honest opinion on restaurants, supplements, hikes, and whatever else Nick desires to share!

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Lessons on the Road

Every time I’m in Canada I find reasons to love it more and more. I’ve driven roughly over 4,000 miles …

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What Really Matters

I use to believe that it was people that really mattered. I believed this so much that I was willing to sacrifice whatever was needed, to be of good use…

“It’s Game Day!”

The Game Day Mindset. Every Day Is The Opportunity. The Opportunity To Be Great, To Develop Yourself, To Achieve Your Dreams, To Be The Person You Were Born To Be!!