I spent much of the weekend staring out into the Pacific Ocean. The vast waters are always amazing to me; they do a great job of really putting things in perspective.


No matter how big my thoughts and dreams, they fail in comparison to the rest of existence. The ocean reminds me of my small stature and that I shouldn’t stress too much over the little things beyond my control.

I know I’m called for great things; but, I am foolish if I think it’s all on my own shoulders if they are to come to fruition.

Thus far, this journey has been wild, crazy, and beautiful… full of sites, sounds, and adventure… all worthy of story telling.



Currently, I find myself at yet another one of life’s cross-roads. I’m pretty good at putting myself in these spots. This spot in particular feels significantly less burdensome than the last but of equal importance, no doubt.

Could it be that I’ve grown stronger and (dare I say?) more Relentless since the last?

I would say, confidently, yes.



Each day I take another small step in the direction of my dreams… it is important to note that these dreams are not of my own design but are those of my Good Shepherd, who leads me with a steady hand and guiding light.

I’ve never shied away from the crazy or irrational. I’ve embraced and focused only on the great possibilities to potentially be had on the other side of that Leap of Faith.

Truth is… I’ve never seen any action I’ve taken as crazy or irrational. Contrary to popular belief, they’ve all been well thought out, months in advance. Much like nobody sees the athlete while training but all witness the victory or defeat.

Even in defeat, the athlete has put forth countless hours in preparation. If the athlete comes up short, do they regret the time they put in? Count it as lost?

Of course not. They use it. They learn…

…just as I have done from the leaps I have taken that didn’t quite pan out.


But, it just takes one to pay off. When the right one pays off, it can cover up hundreds, even thousands of previous losses.

I will not begin now to doubt my path, nor the direction I’m being led.

It’s the journey you’ll remember the most;
It’s the journey that makes the story.

This weekend brought a much needed clarity and peace of mind… I know what it is I must do… truth is, I’ve known for a short little while now… But, after the last few days, I am now certain on the timing…

After all, execution is everything!


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