Christmas 2017 is approaching! And here I list some of the best gift ideas for that #Relentless person in your life! They live hard and never compromise; they’re gifts should follow suite!

Now that Thanksgiving is over, I suppose it’s okay to start thinking about Christmas. This list, is in no way, my wish list. In fact, I already have the majority of items listed.

I have compiled a few things that have made my life better, in some shape or form. These things are tried, tested, and LaToof approved. I think they’ll give you incredible value.


Before continuing, please read my disclosure. This keeps me compliant with the internet gods and keeps me able to deliver you kick-ass content! In short, some of the links here are affiliate links, meaning that I will receive some type of payment if you decide to purchase from the links. For a more entertaining explanation, follow that disclosure link! 


Darn Tough Socks

Socks?! For Christmas?! I guess I’m becoming more and more like my old man but I do appreciate a great pair of socks these days!

I do some crazy shit: mountain climbing, snowboarding, 7 day fasts, etc, etc… I need my socks to keep up, when I choose to wear them. Darn Tough socks do the trick and they have a life time guarantee.

If you wear a hole in them or they rip or tear, they’ll replace the pair, for free! I have yet to do this because these things are made so tough, or shall I say Relentless? But it’s awesome to have the piece of mind that they’ll forever be there for you!

Here are the ones I use. The first is great for hikes in normal conditions, the second is a much better option if you trails include a good deal of snow.

Hiker Micro Crew Cushion Socks

Mountaineering OTC Extra Cushion Sock


Shady Rays

Not gonna lie, I use to be a big Oakley guy. (Hey, that rhymes!) Shady Rays have switched me over. They’re tough and much more affordable. I take these on hikes, in the snow, on the lake, everywhere!

They fit good and they’re built to last. They also offer free replacements if you do happen to break them. AND, with every purchase they provide 11 meals to Feeding America.

I keep it simple. These are the glasses I have!

Black Infrared Polarized

Magnetic Mask System + Blackout Lens

Aviator Elite – Blackout Polarized


Mane Tame Men’s Grooming

These guys may have the best beard oil in the game. I’ve been growing my beard since August with little to no maintenance, whatsoever. I had used some cheap beard oils but they just didn’t do the job, leaving my beard dry and scratchy.

Don’t have a beard or want your dude to shave his? No worries! Mane Tame’s got you here too! Scope out my recommendations below:


Icon Meals

For the dedicated dieter with a sweet tooth, Icon Meals has your back! They offer delicious meals and macro-friendly snacks! You may want to book mark this website because their meals may just come in handy for those new year goals! Drop “latoof” at check out and save some coin!




Breakout brand of the year and causing massive disruption (in a good way) in an industry known for it’s shady way of doing things. NutraBio is a breath of fresh air and I’m so blessed to have found them along my journeys.

It’s a great honor and privilege to share this brand with you. They align with my mission very well! Which is, to provide credible and reliable information and products to consumers!

NutraBio has been part of my repertoire for over a year now and I’m quite pleased with all that I’ve seen and felt! Below are my top picks! Use code “latoof” and save some coin while you’re at it!

Favorite Flavor: Sweet Tea



The more I travel, the more people I meet and companies I come across. I’ll always strive to bring you quality products from great companies. I’ll never recommend things that I haven’t used and/or enjoyed.

My aim is provide you with a reliable place to come and find great stuff and information that you can take with you along your life’s journey!

Never Settle and Stay #Relentless My Friend!

Merry Christmas!

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