I’ve always been a “let it ride” kind of guy. Never afraid to “stack it not rack it” after winning. Those are gambling slang terms, for those who didn’t know. I’ve never been opposed to risk; it’s exciting and gets the ole ticker racing. 

As far as gambling goes, it was never about winning or losing (although I’ve gotten hella pissed when I have lost); it was about the chase, the process. That moment you decide to stack your chips and put it all on the line. 

The feeling between putting your chips out there and the climax of winning or losing… now that was the moment I was after. Blood pumping, anxiously awaiting the outcome… that was the moment I was after. 

Now, don’t get to thinking I’m a chronic gambler or that I have a gambling addiction. I do not. But, I certainly will entertain some bets. My favorite thing to bet on, you ask? Awe man, that’s an easy one! 


The best bet anyone could make: a bet on oneself. You’ll never lose if you bet on yourself. That’s exactly what I’m doing here, betting on myself. 

Doubling Down on My Strengths

Man, I’m 27 years old and I think I’m just now beginning to uncover who I am and what I’m about. There are a few things that I’ve known for a while, about myself, but I was never quite sure of how they fit into the big picture. 

I’ve thrown a lot of shit against the wall, deployed patience and humility, and watched closely to see what would stick. 

I have found my best form of communication to be the written word. Those who have read content of mine have confirmed this, with their feedback and continued support. For those of you whom I’ve jammed with 1-on-1, you know I’m damn good in person too. But, I digress. 

I’m doubling down on my writing content. I mean there’s a LOT that goes on in my head and whenever I’m able to convince myself to share it, good usually comes of it. So, my intent is to start sharing more or the happenings inside of my dome. 

I know that each piece will not be the masterpiece my life will be remembered by. But, this process will serve a multitude of purposes including… 

**providing readers valuable insights & perspectives

**allow me to organize thoughts for further development

**act as an R&D platform that will let me know what readers like seeing from me

**provide me a small win and make me feel good that I’m feeding the conviction to share

**allow all to see my authentic side

There’s many more, for sure, but that’s all I can come up with at this time. I know I can get wordy, at times. I’ll try to prevent that here, in the Daily Nick but no promises. 


My goal is to share a short blog post, each and every day. Ideally, around 500 words or so but I feel that will be difficult. Some will no doubt go longer and some may even be significantly shorter. 

I’m not going to give myself a huge set of rules to abide by, as that will just discourage me from actually doing it. The rules will be simple and sweet. Like…. 

#1 – Write Everyday
#2 – Post it [no matter how shitty]

Last night, I sat down and listed as many blog titles as I could that would be quite easy for me to riff on. The page filled up quickly. I have no shortage of ideas, that’s for sure. What I’ve done a piss poor job of is executing on those ideas. That stops now. 

So, each morning I plan on waking up and moving through my morning routine, that has taken some time to develop and is no-where near perfect. It will progress over time, I’m confident. 

Perhaps, my morning routine will be the first post?! Don’t expect a consistent theme or pattern. Each mornings post could be vastly different from the day before. 

I’m excited to see where this will go. I know that this will drastically help me organize thoughts, ideas, and projects that I believe the world needs. 

I hope you enjoy this deep dive into the true, authentic, and relentless individual that I am. As always, thanks for your attention and support; I do not take it for granted. 

Let the journey begin.

 – Nick 


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