What a crazy life this has become. This past weekend I reflected on just how awesome the past few years have been. While there has been no shortness of challenges and adversity, there has also been many great things to reflect on.

I don’t think that it’s much of a secret that I’m a big quotes guy. One could even venture to say that I’m kind of big on philosophy, in my own unique way, of course.

Machine Falls – Tullahoma, TN

I have a few quotes that drive my life. Many of which, I have shared in my book. But, there are several since my book’s release that I’ve held on to. One of them being:

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”
– Ferris Bueller

I’ve lived in all four time zones in the continental United States, coast to coast. I’ve seen the grass in Tennessee, the hills of Carolina, the Rocky Mountains, the true sunshine state, California, and grew up among the piney woods of Northeast Texas.

The past few days I have re-entered back into my past. I visited Middle Tennessee last week. Although I didn’t get to see everybody, the feeling of being back among so many people I love and care about was great.

I’ve shared many great memories in Tennessee. I consider them among my greatest treasures. I’m the type of guy who will revisit places of distinct memories.

Jan 30, 2015 – A great view after sharing a solid meal with great friends!

I love the above spot in Nashville. The picture was taken on my birthday in 2015, right after I moved to Nashville. This is a spot I love to revisit anytime I’m in the Music City. I did just that while I was in town!

Nov 3, 2017 – Music City Selfie

Let us not make the mistake of living in the future, nor the past. All we truly have is this time, right now. There is no changing the past but I believe it is important to reflect on it from time to time.


See how far you’ve come, remember the lessons taught, and use it to make your present all the better.

“Those who do not learn history
are doomed to repeat it.”
– George Santayana 

Red Cloud Peak – Lake City, CO [Oct 2017]

“Writers Live Interesting Lives.”

I’m not quite sure where I heard this quote. It could very well be a Tim Ferriss podcast. Nonetheless, this one has been a primary driver for me for over the last year.  I’ve decided to go all in with my writing. I’m currently mapping out my 2018 schedule of attack.

I’ve never tried to be a life coach or an advice giver on how people should live their lives. After all, who care’s what a twenty-something year old has to say about life. Rather, I’ve just shared my journey openly over the last few years. To my surprise, many have shown interest.

This quote doesn’t make me do things that I don’t wish to just to get a cool Instagram post out of it. Rather, it drives me to go out and actually do things that I want to do. Whenever I have done something, it’s always created a pretty unique story and countless life lessons!

I get told I’m crazy a lot. (More so in the last month than ever, I’ve duly noted)

I’m sure at any given time, my family is wondering where the heck I am and what in the world I’m doing. For the stress and worry I cause, I do apologize. BUT, I’m afraid that I can not promise it relenting.

I think some people thought that moving to Los Angeles and snagging a solid job was the end of all my craziness. I’m afraid, that it was only the beginning. I’m sometimes surprised myself at the thoughts that come into my mental framework.

I’ll admit some of the things I’ve done are crazy. Moving to a new place, many hours away from home, or anybody that I know, is kind of crazy. This has been my preferred mode of operation. Move to a new city and start making shit happen. I’ve done this three times.

It’s not easy to do, by no means. But, I’ve found it to be incredibly rewarding. I know people all over this great country. Literally, coast to coast! I would’ve never met them if I hadn’t found the courage to Just Go.

It’s been a great blessing to have found such awesome people wherever I have gone. It gives me great hope that there is still good in this world.

Santa Monica, CA [Jan 2017]

“Do not pray for an easy life,
pray for the strength to endure a difficult one.”
– Bruce Lee

I’m not saying that you should put yourselves in difficult situations for no reason. Sacrificing for merely the sake of sacrificing is ignorant and really pisses me off. Don’t do that.

Ensure that you have a reason for the sacrifice or hard ship. When done properly, difficulties we face can be our greatest teachers.

If you feel convicted to do something, that’s more than enough of a reason. Our convictions and gut instincts are vastly underrated. Some of the coolest things I’ve encountered have come when I followed my convictions.

Don’t take the easy way out. Don’t blame your lack of resources. Blame your lack of resourcefulness.

I’ll leave you with this quote and I would love to hear what you think of it…

“We suffer more often in imagination than in reality.”
– Seneca

Mt. Garfield – Palisade, CO [Oct 2017]

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