Many people, myself included, have a tendency to overlook the small, but oh-so-relevant details that encompass our daily lives. We know these things matter; yet, they are very easily over-looked. It’s the little details that make the big picture that much sweeter.




“The little things? The little moments? They aren’t little.”
– Jon Kabat-Zinn

I find myself in Northeast Texas, implementing my first 90 Day Transformation Program.  This is day 3 of the three month stint and it has gone well thus far. We have progressed each and everyday.

The previous 2 days we have struggled to get in the necessary calories. Today, I pulled out the eggs, bacon, and avocado burrito. (I’m kicking myself for not taking a picture). It’s packed full of protein and healthy fats designed to fill you up and sustain you well into the day.

The bacon was cooking in the oven. Between scrambling the eggs, I was mashing up the avocado and spreading it out over half the tortilla. This would ensure that every bite would have a bit of avocado and be delicious.

The eggs finished and I was dividing them up between the two tortillas where the avocado was carefully distributed. I was pretty excited how this turned out. However, I forgot one small detail.

“Did you heat the tortilla?” she asked.

Dad gum it! I didn’t even think about that. Why didn’t I think of that?

Well, I could spend all day beating myself up about it but that wouldn’t heat up the burrito, now would it?

We scraped the eggs and avocado off the tortilla, threw it in the microwave, took it out and reassembled the burrito. Everything turned out fine and this breakfast served to be the most satisfactory thus far.

The take away?

Never take for-granted the details. They often are what make or break something. In my experience, going that extra mile is always worth it. Don’t settle for ordinary, normal, or “good enough.”

Always strive for betterment, in all endeavors. Strive to be 1% better and become Stronger: Physically, Mentally, & Spiritually each day.

Be #Relentless.




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