The month of November I was privileged to take part in a sermon series entitled, “Pre-Hab.” King’s Cross Church in Tullahoma, TN decided to take an idea that I presented to them during a typical Tuesday night small group workout, and run with it.

It was very humbling to me when Kal Busman came to me and told me that they were going to do a series in November (2015) on “Pre-Hab.” Pre-Hab was a term I introduced to our Tuesday night workout group (King’s Cross’ Relentless).

The concept of “Pre-Hab” is synonymous with proactive. Most people have heard of re-hab, short for rehabilitation. Well “Pre-Hab” is the opposite of that. “Pre-Hab” looks at things and tries to find ways to avoid problems in the first place.


Pre-Hab Pic


(Disclaimer: the videos were intended to be light-hearted and play off of the typical, egotistical trainer. Most of you who know me, know that the guy in the videos isn’t the real me. If you decide to believe otherwise, well, that’s funny in and of itself. Laugh, cry, and be entertained. If you get anything of value out of the video, consider yourself lucky.)

Week 1 – Commit to Commit

“Pre-Hab is a proactive lifestyle to strengthen your core and build stability around your most vulnerable areas.”

Pre-Hab is the work done up from to prepare you for what life will throw your way. In some cases, Pre-Hab will help you avoid things that could’ve happened. That’s a difficult concept to grasp. It’s not tangible but it’s critically important to the Pre-Hab life.

Allow me to put it this way.

If we are able to take care of problems before they can become problems, how awesome would that be? That’s exactly what Pre-Hab does. Pre-Hab looks at things differently.

The first two weeks videos will help to address the following issues at the knee joint.

Knee valgus vs normal

The pictures above illustrate proper knee patterning on the left and improper on the right. The movement pattern on the right is very indicative of ACL tear. There are muscle imbalances here that are more than likely caused by extended periods of sitting. The hip flexors get tight, glutes turn off, yada, yada, yada. This is usually accompanied by lower back pain.

If you’re thinking like the Pre-Hab mind does, then you’re exactly right. If you don’t quite catch where I’m headed with this, don’t worry. You will soon!

If we fix this muscle imbalance, we can help alleviate lower back pain. While simple in theory, in practice it takes commitment and patience.

Commit to Commit.

“No commitment is better than a half-hearted commitment.”
– Unknown

When most people commit, they commit to results or the finished product or results. Very few commit to the process. When it comes to the human body, time, patience, and commitment are necessary if betterment is to be obtained. But, what does it look like to “commit to commit?”

1. Clarity
You must know what you’re committing to. It must be clearly stated.
“I want to lose 8 lbs” OR
“I want to decrease my mile time to under 7 minutes.”
“I want to get healthy.”

It needs to be something measurable. The success/fail needs to be evident. It has to be this way. The goal is first. Once you’ve decided that, it’s time to make a plan with action steps. This, too, must also be very clear. What steps will you take to make this happen?

2. Process
For most, it’s not a lack of knowledge or skill, but rather a lack of will. Having said that, you know what it takes. Therefore, you must commit to the process. If you don’t know exactly what it will take, that’s where your processes starts: finding out what it takes to get you where you want to be.

We live in the age of abundant information. While the internet is filled with clutter and bogus information aimed to rip of the unknowing consumer, there is still quality sources of information available.

Clearly, you are reading my website and for that I thank you! I pride myself on giving great quality information that you can use. Perhaps, you can find some of the answers here on my website. I know my attendance has been sporadic at King’s Cross, as of late. However, when I do manage to attend, I am always willing to answer any questions that you may have for me. It is my passion to help others. I would love to help you!

Alright. Enough of that. Back to process.

Process = how you will get to where you want to go.

Commit to the process!

3. Accountability
Often overlooked, accountability plays a huge role in goal obtainment. Self-discipline is overrated. You cannot count on yourself 100% of the time. You need others to keep you on track. Surround yourself with those on a similar mission as you.

“As iron sharpens iron, so man sharpens his fellow man.”
– Proverbs 27:17

Having accountability will greatly increase your odds of success. You will give up on yourself easier than you think, especially when the initial motivation wears off. And it will wear off. For most of us, the feeling of letting others down keeps us up at night. If other people are counting on you to achieve your goal, you’re more than likely going to make it happen.

Don’t let them down. Don’t let yourself down. This time you follow through. This time is the last time. You conquer your fears and accomplish your goals.

“When would now be a good time to start?”
– Tony Robbins



Stay #Relentless my friends.



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