Success is a moving target. One’s specific definition of success now shouldn’t be the same years down the road. However, the general outline of one’s success can be a bit more concrete. 


I think it’s a dangerous thing to measure your success based on other’s achievements or values. It should go without saying that people are inherently different, want different things, and find fulfillment in different area. 

With so many moving parts, how can one take another’s version of success, apply it to their lives, and find themselves to be successful? I believe that to be a lost cause. I think success should be defined by the individual. 

It’s perfectly okay to look to others and see what they value and view as successful. After all, we need some sort of reference and collection of ideas to form our own opinions. But, we should challenge other’s ideals and believes to see if they fit our own.

So, I’ll provide a general thesis that I apply to my vision of success. This is an ongoing journey, a moving target like I mentioned above. Our definition of success is something that we should revisit often, to keep us on track for what we truly want. 


Ultimately, I think I’ll be able to call myself successful if I’m able to look back on my life and say, ‘man, that was some top shelf shit.’ This is a general success principle that I stand behind. The real details will change over time as I progress and circumstances change. That adaptability plays a huge role. 

Currently, I have no real regrets and as I look back, I can say that I’ve done some pretty cool stuff. Although I feel that there is much more on the table for me, if I were to go now, I’d be pretty proud of the things I’ve done.

Could there have been more?


But, I think that no matter what I’ll always be able to say that there could’ve been more. You can’t do everything; you’ve got to pick your battles. So far, I believe I have picked the right battles and fought well.

I’ve done quite a bit for someone of my age, at least that’s what people tell me. I’ve seen some awesome things. I’ve poured my heart out in the face of love; I’ve also had my heart broken in romantic fashion. I’ve taken big leaps and trusted my higher calling and my resourcefulness. 

I’ve ignored the people who have told me to play it safe and conform to what society says best. I’ve never been afraid of things failing because even in those failures, there are lessons to be taught. Some lessons I learned the first time. Other lessons I’m still in the midst of learning. 

I’ve travelled all over the great USA; I’ve met a lot of awesome people and shared many great moments. Ultimately, I believe that’s what life boils down to, sharing great times with great people.

It’s up to us to pick those people and those times. It differs for everybody so never use another’s definition of success for yourself. You must find you’re own and live life on your terms.

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