Tools of the Trade

Content Creation

Sunrise summit on Sunrise Peak (Colorado). Shooting with my D500 and Tamron 10-24mm.

Having the right tools to get the job done is incredibly important. Here you’ll find all the gear Nick uses to get the job done, whether it’s in Rocky Mountains or studio. 

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The Nikon D500 is my go to camera for stills. The high frame rate is able to stop the action and keep it crisp! 

I use this bad boy to get the best aerials without weighing down my pack. I also use it on the groundto take advantage of the smooth gimbal footage.

Great POV camera and also doubles as a great vlogging camera while mountain side. It’s small and the batteries last a while, even in the cold!

Added to the arsenal in the fall of 2019, this bad boy to capture cinematic shots in the backcountry as well as have it double as a nice studio camera, all rigged out.

Image stabilization on this camera is wicked good. I love the versatility of GoPro and it certainly passes the durability test! 

Karma Grip works well with the GoPro Hero 5 allowing for sweet follow cams for snowboarding / skiing. Battery life is sweet. 

The first GoPro I had and it’s still in the arsenal. You gotta love the versatility and durability of these small cameras.

Added in December of 2019, this camera was added to get better quality and unique perspective on POV footage.

Camera Lenses

A solid go to lens for capturing wide angled shots while on the go. This one’s tough too, I’ve dropped it more times than I would like to admit.

This lens is MONEY! All the hype around this lens is true and I’ve loved it since day 1. This one is always with me when I’m out on the slopes getting shots!

Pretty much all of my wild life shots are from this lens. It’s sharp, easy to focus, and brings me close to the action from a safe distance!

This lens will pair beautifully with the BMPCC4K. I look forward to getting this one out on the slopes! 

Computer & Editing

Designed for gaming but don’t be fooled, this one means business. This is my workhorse when it comes to editing content on the road.  

Old faithful. I’ve written both books on this computer as well as put together dozens of hours of video. When I’m able to stay in one place long enough, this computer works!

Final Cut Pro is a very trusted software when it comes to putting together content. I’ve used it almost exclusively over the past few years. Great for edits not requiring a lot “housekeeping.” 

A new editor I’m familiarizing myself with to help get the best quality video out of my BlackMagic Pocket Cinema 4K. Used in Hollywood. 

This laptop has gone everywhere with me over the last 8 years. It’s been a loyal tool and has helped me put out some of my best work. Moving forward it will become my “backcountry laptop” helping me organize media while off the grid. 

I mostly use Lightroom, as it’s easy to use and manage media. I use Photoshop less often as I like to keep images as close as I can to what I actually saw. 


Mostly used for podcast and interview situations. Nothing fancy, just good quality audio. No complaints here.

Shotgun mic for silky smooth audio. Mostly used for interview situations but can double as a boom mic, if necessary.