As you know, my philosophies are quite different than most out there. I’m starting to disclose all the nitty-gritty details about my new training protocol. If interested, read what I’m doing training and nutrition wise, along with my rationale for all. Enjoy.


When I really want to get lean, and I mean stupid lean, my protocol changes quite a bit. You won’t find me in the gym as much. You’ll find my nutrition a little more strict but more lenient than one might guess, from a food choice standpoint.

In this article, I disclose the protocol and the rationale for all of it. I plan on documenting the journey as I go. I speculate that after 10-12 weeks on the following plan, I’ll be pretty satisfied with my physique.

Without further a-due, here she is!


Training Overview

*** 9 Day Workout Split
*** Strength Emphasis (build/maintain)
*** Training Day Followed by 2 Off Days
*** Key Lifts: Dead Lift, Squat, Bench, Chin/Pull-Ups, Dips

Nutrition Overview

*** Caloric Surplus on Workout Days
*** Aggressive Caloric Deficit on Non-Workout Days
*** High Protein Intake to Promote Satiety & Feed Muscles
*** Supplements Used? NutraBio of course!


Nuts and Bolts

Bodyweight will be tracked every morning, if possible. Time will be noted as well. Eating window will more than likely start at 2-3 PM and conclude somewhere around 6-7 PM most days with the occasional extension to 10-11 PM.


As always, I’ll forgo the use of belt, straps, or wraps.

***designates a key tracking lift.

I believe that training should be something you enjoy. Albeit difficult, it should be a fun process. That’s what this set-up allows me to do. I look forward to each training session and try to better my last workout.

Having significant rest in between workout days allows for pretty much 100% effort while in the gym. In a perfect world, I would be completely fresh for each workout but the real world doesn’t always reciprocate those hypotheticals.

I will not be opposed to taking an extra rest day if needed or for whatever other reason (i.e. travel or some serious DOMS from going so hard in the paint)

Workout A
Barbell Bench Press***
Barbell Rows
Weighted Dips
Barbell Drag Curls***
EZ Bar Giant Tricep Set
Donkey Calf Raises

Workout B
Dead Lift***
Weighted Chins & Pull Ups***
Military Press***
Hammer Curls
Dumbbell Kick Backs
Seated Calf Raises

Workout C
Incline Bench Press***
Walking Lunges
Rear Deltz

Rep schemes will be very much strength based on the “Big Lifts.”

Dead Lift, Squat, Bench, Incline Bench, Barbell Rows — Goal Rep Range: 3-5
Other lifts will vary from 6-8 to 8-12.

Heaviest sets will be first. A proper warm up will be completed. The first work set will be the heaviest and will decrease from there. If the top rep range is met, the next workout additional weight will be added to the sets where top reps where met.



Workout Non-Workout
Calories 2300 1800
Protein 250g 225g
Carbs 250g 100g
Fats 33g 55g



We’re going to keep it stupid simple. Focus on maintaining and possible build strength and muscle. I’m what you would consider an “experienced lifter.” Therefore, muscle and strength gains will be rather slow.

We will utilize weight tracking for specific exercises, especially the dead lift, squat, and bench, to help associate the state of lean body mass.

Conditional Statement / Hypothesis:
If strength increases and/ or stays the same, one can conclude that lean body mass is relatively stable. If weight is dropping, one can assume that the loss of body weight is coming mostly from fat.



Basically, we have a calorie and carb cycling nutritional set-up. More calories will be ingested on workout days than non-workout days to ensure that muscle get the necessary nutrients to adapt and grow to the training stimulus.

Carbs are significantly higher on workout days to replenish glycogen and fuel muscle growth. CHO will be significantly dropped on off days but not to ketogenic level.

Fats will be more utilized on off days. Oils will contribute to most of the fat consumption (i.e. coconut, macadamia nut oil). I LOVE macadamia nut oil sprinkled atop broccoli. Filling and a very low caloric load.

Protein will remain high. You know why.

Tentative Schedule

April 2 – Workout A – Murrieta, CA @ PowerHouse Gym ~ 12:00 PM

April 5 – Workout B – Pasadena, CA @ Gold’s Gym ~ 10/11 AM

April 9 – Workout C – Murrieta, CA @ PowerHouse Gym ~ 12:00 PM
(I have an all day event on the 8th and won’t be able to get workout in)

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