Overview of my training, nutrition, and mental state while on a journey to get stupid lean in unconventional ways. You say it’s not possible, ole LaToof accepts the challenge!


April 2

Morning Weight: 169.2 @ 8:00 AM

Training – PowerHouse Gym – Murrieta, CA – 12:00 – 1:35 PM 

Set 1 Set 2 Set 3
BENCH PRESS 250 x 5 235 x 5 225 x 5
DIPS BW + 90 lbs x 8 BW + 70 lbs x * BW + 45 lbs x 10
BARBELL DRAG CURLS 75 lbs x 10 70 lbs x 10 65 lbs x 10
OH TRICEP EXT 70 lbs x 12 80 lbs x 11
LAT SHOULDER RAISE 25 lbs x 9 20 lbs x 12 20 lbs x 12
DONKEY CALF RAISE 4-5 Sets @ 8-15 reps
(good stretch and squeeze)


Bench felt really good. I felt strong and handled the weight very well.

***the caller was broken and I couldn’t get it off. For whatever reason this thoroughly pissed me off… I left everything there and quickly moved on to dips… not usually my style but this pissed me off more than somebody asking about a magic pill to help lose their 34 lbs of stomach fat. (maybe that’s a bit dramatic…)



Calories Pro CHO Fat

Ground Turkey (99% lean) x 25.3 oz

760 165g 0g 9.5g
Whole Grain Brown Rice x 280g 380 10g 78g 6
Lenny & Larry Cookie (Macadamia) 360 16g 48g 12g
Lenny & Larry Cookie (Choc Coconut) x 3 1080 48g 132g 48g
Classic Whey (Cake Batter) x 2 260 50g 4g 4g
Quaker Oatmeal Pack x 1 160 6g 32g 2.5g
Whey Iso (Choc PB) x 1 110 25g 1g 0g


3470 336g 340g 98g

Yeah, I fucked up…

Interested in seeing what I’ll weigh in the AM. I dieted pretty hard throughout the week and was due for a calorie spike. We’ll see what happens… [11:37 PM | 4/2/17]

April 3

Morning Weight: 171.1 @ 8:00 AM

To my surprise, very little damage was done. Woke up and felt pretty good. I think cognitively I knew I had overdone it the day before so I pulled back the reigns on the calories today and fell short of the goals but not too shabby.

No Training Today… 



Calories Pro CHO Fat

Ground Turkey (99% Lean) – 16 oz

480 104g 0g 6g
Spanish Rice (Uncle Ben's) – 2 cups 400 8g 80g 5g
Scrambled Eggs – 3 whole 180 18g 0g 12g
Scrambled Egg Whites – 1/2 cup 60 12g 0g 0g
Ketchup – 50g 55 0g 12.5g 0g
Classic Whey (Cake Batter) – 260 50g 4g 4g
Macadamia Nut Oil – 2 tbsp 252 0g 0g 28g


1726 201 98 56

April 4

Morning Weight: 169.4 lbs @ 8:00 AM

Back in the 160’s… starting to think it may be better to do a more drastic caloric surplus on workout days… I’ll ponder on this but stick to the programed macros for tomorrow.


Calories Pro CHO Fat

Ground Turkey (99% Lean) – 16 oz

480 104g 0g 6g
Quaker Oatmeal Packs (Maple Brown Sugar) x 3 480 18g 96g 7.5g
Scrambled Eggs – 3 whole 180 18g 0g 12
Scrambled Egg Whites – 1/2 cup 60 12g 0g 0g
Ketchup – 50g 55 0g 12g 0g


1259 152g 112g 26g

Fell a bit short of protein and fat goals. However, definitely made up the difference on the following day! This was a busy day so I ate all of the above around 11:30 AM and went about my merry way.

April 5

Morning Weight: 167.5 lbs @ 8:08 AM

PowerHouse Gym – Murrieta, CA [12:00 – 1:45 PM]


Set 1 Set 2 Set 3
DEAD LIFT 355 x 5 335 x 5 315 x 5
MILITARY PRESS 115 x 6 105 x 6 95 x 8
WEIGHTED PULL UPS +90 lbs x 3 +70 lbs x 3 +45 lbs x 6
WEIGHTED CHIN UPS +45 lbs x 8 +45 lbs x 8

I did a few sets of lateral shoulder raises and rear delts but nothing worth really tracking. I also threw in some standing alternating curls. These weren’t completely necessary but I just felt like watch my biceps work a bit.

I felt freakin’ awesome in the gym today. Energy and motivation was super high despite having fasted for the last 24 hours. Call me crazy but I quite enjoy the extended fasts. Cognitively, I’m sharper and more productive. I do my best work while fasted.



Calories Pro CHO Fat

Assorted Sushi Rolls x 8

2432 104g 336g 70g
Lenny & Larry's Protein Cookie (snickerdoodle) 360 16g 54g 8g


2792 120g 390g 78g

I decided to go hard in the paint after hitting all my weights and rep goals. I felt good about where I was so I decided to push the envelop a bit here. I don’t foresee this happening after every workout but I believe you should make dieting as easy as possible.

Yesterday’s low calorie didn’t affect me too much. I was a bit hungry before bed but a chugged some water, turned on my lullaby radio pandora station, and told myself if I hit all my lifts tomorrow, I’ll go ham on some sushi. In which I did!

It was quite the feast, take a look for yourself!


I destroyed about 8 rolls and used the MyFitnessPal app to estimate the number calories and macronutrients. I feel like the number above gets pretty close to the overall calories and nutrients consumed.

This was far from my best effort but hey, I’m a bit rusty. This was the first time I ate sushi in a couple of weeks.

April 6

Morning Weight: 170.5 lbs @ 7:10 AM

***Non-Training Day***


Calories Pro CHO Fat

Rotisserie Chicken – 684g

603 120.5g 0g 12g
Lenny & Larry Cookie – White Choc Mac 360 16g 48g 12g
Hard Boiled Eggs – 3 234 18g 0g 15g
Dried Cranberries – 1/3 cup 123 0g 33g 0g
Protein Shake 210 25g 25g 1g


1555 180g 120g 45g

Most of today was spent on the road. My God, traffic was a nightmare today. I worked out in West Hollywood for a few hours but spent a total of 5 hours sitting in traffic. The protein shake I got on the house at PowerZone Nutrition. Dope place and some hella cool peeps.

April 7

Morning Weight: 171

***Non-Training Day***


Calories Pro CHO Fat

Ground Turkey (99% Lean) – 2 lbs

960 208g 0g 12g
Ketchup – 60g 60 0g 15g 0g
Scrambled Eggs – 3 180 18g 0g 12g
Avocado – 35g 56 0.5g 3g 5g
White Cheddar Rice Cakes – 3 135 3g 27g 1.5g
Lenny & Larry Cookie – White Choc Mac 360 16g 48g 12g


1751 246g 93g 43g

April 8

Morning Weight: 169.3

***Non-Training Day***


Calories Pro CHO Fat

Rotisserie Chicken – 684g

603 120g 0g 12g
Peanut Butter Choc Cookie 840 12g 104g 40g
NutraBio Whey Iso – Choc PB (2 scp) 220 50g 4g 0g
Almond Milk – 1.5 cups 45 1.5g 1.5g 4g


1708 184g 122g 56g

This is what I mean by flexibility. Notice, I still managed to stay close to my caloric and macro goals. It was a long morning and I didn’t break my fast until around 5/6 PM. I see these cookies at the market all the time, so I decided to use that to get my carbs and fats in.

Is it the healthiest option, nutritionally, of course not. Mentally though, it’s worth it. If you’re not able to enjoy the process of a diet, you’ll fail. Every. Single. Time.

I’d recommend you get familiar with Macronutrients and counting them. I’m able to throw in a cookie and still drop fat. When you know how the system works you can play things to your advantage.


Overall, I’m very pleased with the results of week one. I wasn’t deprived in the least and from the look and feel of things, I’m managed to drop a smidgeon of fat.

I managed to get 2 workout in this week. All areas seemed to be target efficiently. Legs will be hit more directly on Workout C, as squats and lunges are involved.

***Data Break-Down***

“What gets measured, gets managed.”
– Peter Drucker

Workout (2) Off-Day (5) Weekly (7)
Calories 3131 1600 2037
Protein 228g 192.5g 202.5g
Carbohydrates 365g 109g 182g
Fat 88g 45g 57g

Average Weekly Weight: 169.8 lbs
Average Weight Morning After Training Day: 170.8 lbs

Seems as though, I under programed calories for training days. I went well above what I had planned and I seem to be right on track. Metabolism is a moving target but I seem to have pretty good read upon, at the moment. A few weeks of tracking and training, will paint me a better picture.

Week 1 in the books, very pleased.

Questions or comments? Post them below! 

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