Week 2 Recap… Simplicity & Effectiveness

April 9


Morning Weight: 168.7 @ 6:00 AM

***Scheduled Training Day***
I had pushed Workout C to Sunday (today) because I knew Saturday would be a tough day for a workout. I hadn’t anticipated Saturday being as draining as it was. I had a great time with some awesome people and we ended up going out and staying out pretty late.

Oh, did you think, that I wasn’t going to have any fun while dieting? I was just going to be a hermit crab. Negative ghost rider. Life’s short and it’s good to unwind and hang with some great people when the time comes around.

Now, there are trade offs. Ultimately, I had to push my workout back another day because Sunday afternoon when it came time to train, I just didn’t feel it. I was drained. This brings up another critical point: know thyself.

It doesn’t make you weak to skip a workout when you’re not at your best. I’d much rather forgo a workout then risk injury . Trust me, I’ve worked out when I shouldn’t have because my trainer told me to do it. Got hurt. It sucks. I’ve had to hire a houston personal injury attorney to help me with the lawsuit and over 9 months later and still nursing a hamstring/tendon issue and building strength back up.

Swallow your ego and rest my friend. That’s one thing I hope that this new routine (and the documentation thereof) will demonstrate.

You’ll be surprised about how little it actually takes to achieve results.

Long story short, I couldn’t get motivated to go lift at either one of the two most iconic places to workout on the planet, Gold’s Gym Venice or Muscle Beach. I figured that was a sign, so I decided to take a nap on the beaches of Malibu instead.

Nutrition Notes

Food was kind of thrown for a loop because I had planned on working out and hitting up James’ Beach (as seen in “I Love You, Man”) for some tacos. I opted to stop in Von’s and after about 4 rounds around the entire store, this is what I’ve found…

Food Calories Protein CHO Fat
Roast Beef Sandwich (Dietz & Watson) 580 46g 42g 25g
Buffalo Chicken Wrap (Dietz & Watson) 670 27g 30g 50g
Quest Bar – Vanilla Almond 190 20g 21g 8g
White Cheddar Rice Cake – 2 90 2g 1g 18g
Totals 1530 95g 111g 84g

SMH at the protein number… those are pretty rookie numbers… shitty day of eating but it did the trick, I reckon.

April 10

Morning Weight: 167.3 @ 7:10 AM

***Training Day***

Woke up today and was pretty sluggish. Probably a direct correlation to yesterday’s diet.

I got up and took a walk around the neighborhood. It was not a walk for cardio purposes but rather a mental clearing move that I use when I need to organize my thoughts. Plus, I really needed to get the body up and running and a nice morning walk usually helps.

I think the caloric deficit has caught up to me. As I’ve extended it a bit longer than I would’ve liked. Last workout was Wednesday and I’ve been in a significant caloric deficit for the past 4 days, which is a bit longer than anticipated. Nonetheless, this plan is designed for that type of flexibility.

Workout today was tough but I managed to get through it! Today, came close to one of the rare times I don’t workout fasted but I still chose to forgo a pre-workout meal.

Exercise Set 1 Set 2 Set 3
SQUAT 300 x 4 275 x 5 255 x 5
INCLINE BENCH 185 x 6 170 x 8 160 x 8
WEIGHTED CHINS +45 lbs x 6 +35 lbs x 6 +25 lbs x 8

I was already drained before arriving and the squats took the rest out of me. I skipped the lunges. I’ll hit them on Thursday on Workout A. I’m training with a buddy on Thursday; I know he’ll appreciate saving the lunges for him.

***A Few Key Notes***

1. Dead Lifts Effect Squats
Every time I program heavy dead lifts and squats in my workouts, my dead lift will increase pretty consistently, while I’ll hit massive plateaus on squats. I have found this phenomena to be true among my clients as well.

I’m not sure what the culprit is here but I was reminded of this today as I had to scale back my working sets. Something to keep in mind as we move forward.

2. Too Many “Recovery Days”
I probably shouldn’t go any more than 3 days in between training days, if I can at all help it. If it’s necessary to take a few extra days off in between workouts, the caloric deficit shouldn’t be as aggressive.

The sluggish feeling stems from the energy deficit, I speculate. This is a good time to bring up this point, you’re not going to avoid all the bad things on this diet (or any other diet). You’ll find times where you’re hungry, sluggish, etc. It’s just inevitable.

However, we’ll minimize things with this approach. The process will take a bit longer but it’ll be much more easily sustained. I suppose this brings up the “Set-Point Theory” topic but I wish not to dive into that at the moment.

It’s late. I’m hungry. I think I’ll chug some water and call it a night! Here’s the food log for the day:

Food Calories Pro CHO Fat
Rotisserie Chicken – 684g 603 120g 0g 12g
Pop's Cereal – 4 cups 480 4g 108g 0g
Lenny & Larry Cookie – Choc Chip 360 16g 48g 12g
NutraBio Whey Isolate – Choc PB (2 scps) 220 50g 4g 0g
Carol's Cookie 840 12g 104g 40g
Totals 2503 203g 276g 64g

April 11

Morning Weight: 168.2 lbs @ 7:10 AM

***Non-Training Day***

Food Calories Pro CHO Fat
Rotisserie Chicken – 684g 603 120.5g 0g 0g
Lenny & Larry's – PB 400 16g 54g 14g
Salad w/ Spinach
Hard Boiled Eggs – 3 234 18g 0g 15g
Cranberries – 1/3 cup 123 0g 33g 0g
Blue Cheese – 2 oz 200 12g 1g 16g
Pop's Cereal – 2 cup 240 4g 54g 0g
Quest Bar – CNC 190 21g 20g 9g
Totals 1990 190g 176g 67g

Energy levels were a little low. Hunger was a bit of a B-Word today but managed not to screw up. After all, I’ve got all you goons holding me accountable. See, you guys bring me value!! I’m all about the symbiotic relationships. I pray that this process brings you guys value too!

April 12

Morning Weight: 168.2 lbs @ 8:05 AM

***Non-Training Day***

Two meals today. I am meeting with a friend from Nashville. She was a regular at our group fitness classes at Quest Performance Center in Brentwood, TN. She is in San Diego for work, so we are going to sync up and destroy some sushi.

Notice, the day before I consumed close to 2,000 kcal. I’m thinking that the caloric deficit is a bit too much. Last week’s average calorie consumption was just over 2,000 kcal, even with some pretty calorie consuming on the two workout days.

Food Calorie Pro CHO Fat
Meal 1
Salad w/ spinach
Grilled Chicken – 6 oz
Hard Boiled Eggs – 1
Cranberries – 1/3 cup 123 0g 33g 0g
Blue Cheese – 2 oz 200 12g 2g 16g
Meal 2
California Roll – 8 piece 340 12g 51g 9g
Spicy Tuna Roll – 4 piece 190 9g 27g 5.5g
Grilled Chicken – 8 oz*** 350 77g 0g 7g
Fried Rice – 1/2 cup 236 6g 43g 4g
Totals 1782 173g 162g 51g  

***This is the total of the grilled chicken in both meals. I put them all under the same thing in the app to make it easy.

Day Recap
Solid day. I was able to enjoy some great food with good company and not go too overboard with my nutrition. Very pleased with this day. I won’t be able to weigh in the morning as I am staying in Oceanside tonight.

April 13

Morning Weight: n/a

***Training Day*** @ LA Fitness, Oceanside, CA [7 AM]

Workout B
Last weeks workout, I managed to hit all my rep goals so I will increase accordingly on this workout. Typically, I would only do a 5 lb jump each week but because I started out so conservatively, I decided to go 10 lbs this week. This is where experience comes into play.

I was able to hit all my desired reps with given weights. More than likely, I’ll continue to increase by 10 lbs until I feel I need to slow down. I speculate it’ll only be another week or two.

Set 1 Set 2 Set 3
BENCH PRESS 260 x 5 250 x 5 240 x 5
BENT OVER ROWS*** 185 x 5 185 x 5 185 x 5
BARBELL DRAG CURLS 95 x 8 85 x 8
WEIGHTED DIPS +90 lbs x 6 +90 lbs x 6

I was very pleased with how bench went. The rest of the workout was really just icing on the cake. The work, at that point, had been done but I was feeling good and had a buddy to push me a little bit, so I took advantage of that.

***these got my hamstrings talking to me… decided to forgo the lunges because of it… hoping that these legs are ready to roll for dead lifts on Sunday. I’m planning on feasting at a nice brunch or dinner for easter Sunday, Keto-dieters be warned.

Here’s the food log for the day:


Calories Pro CHO Fat

Fit Crunch Bar – Choc PB

380 30g 27g 16g
California Roll (Sushi) – 12 pieces 48o 8g 96g 6g
Spicy California Crunch – 9 pieces 440 6g 69g 16g
Ground Turkey – 16 oz 520 104g 0g 8g
Ketchup – 60g 70 0g 17.5g 0g
Pop's Cereal – 100g 378 4.5g 87g 0g
Scrambled Egg Whites – 3/4 cup 90 18g 0g 0g
Quaker Oatmeal Pack – Maple & Cinnamon 160 4g 32g 2g


2518 174.5g 328.5g 48g

Supplement Notes:
I typically workout a bit closer to mid day, 11-2. Somewhere in there. Due to the timing of this workout, I utilized NutraBio’s Reloaded Recovery Matrix immediately following the workout.

Reload Recovery Matrix

Utilize “LaToof” at checkout to get yourself a discount on all NutraBio Products

This product provides all the BCAAs necessary to help start the recovery process from the workouts while still allowing me to benefit from remaining fasted. I broke my fast around 11 AM today with a Fit Crunch Bar…

This was the first one I’ve eaten in a good while and I quickly remembered why… the  sugar alcohol content in these bars, always messes my stomach up. Next time, I think I’ll opt for a reese’s cup and protein shake; the macros would probably be better anyway.

April 14

Morning Weight: 169 lbs @ 6:50 AM

***Non-Training Day***


Calories Pro CHO Fat


Grilled Chicken – 8 oz 200 44g 0g 4g
Hard Boiled Eggs – 3 234 19g 0 16g
Dried Cranberries – 1/3 c 123 0g 33g 0g
Blue Cheese – 1 oz 100 6g 1g 8g
Ground Turkey (99% Lean) – 16 0z 520 104g 0g 8g
Icon Meals Power Popcorn
Peanut Butter Vanilla – 1.5 cup 302 18g 34.5g 10g
Dark Choc Sea Salt – 1.5 cup 226 15g 32g 4.5g
Almond Milk – 1.5 cup 90 1.5g 3g 1.5g
Classic Whey – Lemon Meringue 130g 25g 2g 2g


1925 232g 109g 57g

I started doing a Daily Vlog today. Scope it out here!

April 15

Morning Weight: 170.1 lbs @ 6:45 AM

***Non-Training Day***


Calories Pro CHO Fat

Rotisserie Chicken – 15.3 oz

858 129g 0g 33g
Lenny & Larry Cookie – White Choc Mac 360 16g 48g 12g
Salad w/ Spinach
Grilled Chicken – 8 oz 200 44g 0g 4g
Dried Cranberries – 1/3 cup 123 0g 33g 0g
Blue Cheese – 1 oz 100 6g 1g 8g
Hard Boiled Egg x 2 156 12.5g 0g 10.5g
Icon Meals Power Popcorn
Peanut Butter Vanilla – 1.5 cup 302 18g 34.5g 10g
Dark Choc Sea Salt – 1.5 cup 226 15g 32g 4.5g


2124 229g 128g 76g

I got a new phone and couldn’t find the rotisserie chicken that I’ve been using to calculate. I’m not convinced that the chicken I ate today was as fatty as listed. I speculated that my fats are probably much closer to 50g than 76g.

That would drop my calories down to around 1850-1900. A little higher, but ultimately not too bad. I’m looking forward to my dead lift and back day tomorrow. I’m equally looking forward to the Easter Brunch Buffet I’m gonna destroy post workout.

Tomorrow’s Daily Vlog should be relatively easy to shoot. Wake up, go hard in the paint training and eating, then pass out for the remainder of the afternoon…

Happy Easter You Good Looking’ Guys & Gals!



I’ve been breaking my fast much earlier than what’s been typical over the last few months. Noon has been the typical breakfast time and I’ve been fasting into the evening and nights. While I’d prefer to break my fast a little later (honestly, right before bed would be ideal), this set up is the most convenient for my schedule at the moment.

The majority of work is taking place in the evenings so I’ve just been getting all of the calories out of the way around 12-2 PM. Friday and Saturday breakfast came a bit later, 4-5 PM.

***Data Breakdown***

Workout (2) Non-Workout (5) Weekly (7)
Calories 2510.5 1870 2053
Protein 189g 183g 185g
Carbohydrates 302g 137g 184g
Fat 56g 67g 64g

Average Weekly Weight: 168.5 lbs
Average Weight Morning After Training: 168.5 lbs

Overall, a solid week. Workouts were solid. Lot’s of data the past few weeks but not quite enough to determine if changes need to be made to calories.


***Protein number was a down from last week (-17.5g)
***Fat number up from last week (+7g)
***Weight is down from last week (-1.3 lbs)
This is actually a pretty solid number to keep track of. I like this number. Fat loss will be pretty slow but over the long term (12 week plan), 2-4 lb fat loss will be a nice difference.

Stay patient my friends and by ALL MEANS… stay #Relentless


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