Pretty successful diet so far. Haven’t felt very deprived, strength is increasing and I’m down 1 pound after the first 2 weeks. Solid.


Morning Weight: 168.8 @ 5:15 AM

***Training Day***
[Workout B @ 5:30 AM]

Set 1 Set 2 Set 3
DEAD LIFT 355 x 5 340 x 5 320 x 5
MILITARY PRESS 115 x 6 105 x 8 95 x 8
WEIGHTED PULL UPS +90 lbs x 2.5 +70 lbs x 2.5 +45 lbs x 6
WEIGHTED CHINS +45 lbs x 8 +45 lbs x 8

I also did some standing and seated calf raises, and seated DB curls. I’m not too excited about tracking these. I mainly just did them to get a pump and bring up my struggling calfs.

I was surprisingly strong this early in the AM, which is not typically the case for me. I find my best workouts typically come early afternoon. However, I felt good and strong this AM. Maybe it’s the ample recovery I’m getting in between training sessions.

I used NutraBio’s Pre for my pre workout supplement.
Throw “LaToof” in for ye a 10% discount.

Another key note… I went on 5 mile hike today to a kick ass waterfall in the dessert. (see picture below for proof)


Nutrition wise, I went Hard In The Paint…

There are a few days a year where you say ‘fuck it’ and eat like a human being, staying far away that looks like anything fitness-y.

[Side Note: for many people these days make up the majority of their life 🙁 ]

Days such as Christmas and Thanksgiving fall into the aforementioned category for me… except this past thanksgiving where I found myself watching the Dallas Cowboys and eating some shitty burger sliders at Hooters… but, I digress…

For me, Easter is one of the few days of the year that I like to take advantage of the great food! I didn’t bother tracking my intake and actually was very disconnected from my phone (relatively speaking) for the majority of the evening. It was nice.

However, I deemed it necessary to estimate my intake for the sake of this 12 week plan and data collection… like I said, I went pretty Hard In The Paint… here’s the estimated damage:


Pro CHO Fat
4350-5200 ~150g 600-700g 150-200g

I’m very fortunate to have the people in my life that I do out in California. Beyond blessed. I found myself outside of Oceanside, CA, on a hill top house that overlooked the Pacific Ocean.

The cuisine was devine.

Grilled mint lamb (probably ate a pound of this), turkey, stuffed macaroni shells, broccoli and corn casserole… I washed the aforementioned delicacies down with two Texas Size pieces of carrot cake, a moderate size of chocolate cake (w/ little Easter Eggs atop) and half a plate of Shepherd’s Pie.

“Cuisine” and “delicacies” are certainly the appropriate words to use here. This was fancy and I may have been out of my league here a little bit…

I was barefoot for crying out loud.
[I may or may not have brought only one pair of shoes… said shoes might have gotten a wee-bit dirty while hiking… you’ll have to forgive this dumb ole Texan]

I’ve started doing a Daily Vlog or Video Blog if you prefer… Here’s today highlights:

April 17

Morning Weight: 170.5 lbs @ 5:15 AM

***Non-Training Day***

Super-Surprised by my weight this morning. I managed not be 3-4 lbs heavier… tells me that my metabolism needed this “shock.” Yesterday’s well worth it. I don’t feel bad about it either. After all, it was all part of the plan.

Today, I’ll probably fast the majority of the day. As I type this, it’s near 11 AM and I’m not even remotely hungry.

[Food, Calories, Pro, CHO, Fat]

Grilled Chicken – 8 oz, 200, 44g, 0g, 4g
Hard Boiled Eggs – 2, 156, 12.5g, 0g, 10.5g
Dried Cranberries – 1/3 cup, 123, 0g, 33g, 0g
Blue Cheese – 1 oz, 100, 6g, 1g, 8g
Gluten Free Blueberry Muffin, 260, 3g, 40g, 9g
Power Popcorn PB Van – 1.5 cup, 302, 18g, 34.5g, 10g
Sour Gummy Heads, 390, 0g, 99g, 0g

Totals, 1649, 84g, 210g, 42g


Left over Easter goodies got the best of me but this would not be the last battle of the week I would face…

April 18

Morning Weight: 170 lbs @ 5:15 AM

***Non-Training Day***


Calories Pro CHO Fat

NutraBio Whey Iso (PB Choc) – 2

220 50g 4g 0g
Almond Milk – 2 cups 120 2g 4g 6g
Grilled Chicken – 6 oz 150 33g 0g 3g
Cubed Turkey Breast – 6 oz 150 27g 9g 1g
Brocoli Carrots Water Chestnut Mix 35 1g 6g 0g
MET-Rx Bar (Creamy PB) 310 30g 33g 10g


985 143g 58g 19g

Pretty light eating today. Busy night out in Burbank.

April 19

Morning Weight: n/a

***Training Day***

I was unable to weigh this morning because I spent the night in Malibu. No reason to drive all the way back to M Town because I had an early morning leg session at The Mecca.

First half of video is the training highlights… enjoy…

Grilled Teriyaki Chicken – 6oz

300 36g 8g 13g
Golden Cali Roll – 4 piece 700 8g 55g 30g
Crunch Cali Roll – 16 pieces 782 10.5g 123g 28.5g
Sunrise Roll – 8 pieces 490 14g 70g 12g
Crunch Munch Roll – 8 pieces 680 38g 106g 24g
Organic Ancient Grain Pretzels – Whole Bag 700 28g 119g 10.5g


3652 135g 481g 118g

fuckin’ domino foods man… smh… beware

We’ll see how this effects this weeks results. It was after a brutal leg day so the timing could’ve been worse.

April 20

Morning Weight: 174.3 lbs @ 6:05

***Non-Training Day***

Not to give you too much information or anything, but I had a nice bowel movement a few hours after waking… so the morning weight would’ve certainly been affected by that. Nonetheless, I expected this.. We’ll see how it plays out over the course of the week.


Calories Pro CHO Fat


Grilled Chicken – 14oz 350 77g 0g 7g
Hard Boiled Eggs – 3 234 19g 0g 16g
Cranberries – 1/3 c 123 0g 33g 0g
Blue Cheese – 2oz 200 12g 2g 16g
NutraBio Classic Whey – 2 scps 260 50g 4g 4g
Almond Milk – 2 cups 120 2g 4g 6g
NutraBio Whey Iso – 1 scp 110 25g 1g 0g
Lenny & Larry Cookie – PB 400 16g 54g 14g


1797 201g 101g 64g

April 21

Morning Weight: 169.6 lbs @ 7:05 AM

***Non-Training Day*** 

Weight dropped back down pretty quickly. I’d assume very little damage done. This week’s averages will be quite interesting. However, I need to lock some things down nutritionally if I really want to start seeing some results. Today will be better. I’ve prepped food for my Friday and Saturday travel.


Calories Pro CHO Fat

NutraBio Classic Whey(Salted Carm) – 1.5 scps

195 37.5g 3g 3g
Cube Steak – 10oz 470 60g 0g 22g
Scrambled Eggs – 4 28g 21.5g 0g
Rice Cake (Buttered Popcorn) – 7 245 7g 56g 0g
Raspberries – 2 cup 128 3g 30g 1.5g
Oh Yeah! One Bar (Choc Cake) 210 22g 25g 7g


1573 157g 116g 55g

April 22

I spent the night in Malibu. I wasn’t able to weigh but I did get a decent 8-9 hours of sleep. Not bad for the back seat of my truck.

Morning Weight: n/a

***Training Day*** — Powerhouse Gym [Murrieta, CA] @ 6:45 PM


Set 1 Set 2 Set 3


185 x 8 175 x 8 165 x 8
LAWN MOWER PULLS 100 x 8 90 x 8 80 x 8
CABLE FLY (low mid high)

My next workout, I’ll take a bit of a “de-load” and just do arms (biceps, triceps, and shoulders). I want to make sure that I’m fully recovered the next time I dead lift. I’m still very cautious with my left hamstring and want to take it slow.


Calories Pro CHO Fat

Meal 1 (2 hours pre-workout)

Combat Crunch Bar (Choc Coconut) 210 20g 25g 10g
Cube Steak – 8oz 376 48g 0g 17.5g
Rice Cake (Buttered Popcorn) – 7 245 7g 56g 0g
Blackberries – 1 cup 62 2g 14g 0g
Meal 2 (post workout)
Ground Turkey (99% lean) – 1 lb 520 104g 0g 8g
Ketchup – 100g 120 2g 30g 0g
Spicy Cali Roll – 12 pieces 396 18g 80g 2g
Shrimp Tempura Roll – 10 piece 564 18g 64g 24g
Pop's Cereal – 2 cups 252 3g 58g 0g


2745 222g 327g 63g

Week In Review


Overall, not a good week. Started off with an Easter feast and I did a poor job of recovering afterwards. I blame the domino foods and will-power. Scope out the “Will Power Is Over-Rated Video” to see what I’m talking about. Here’s the damage:


Workout Non-Workout Week
Calories 3724 1501 2453
Protein 169g 146g 156g
Carbs 486g 121g 277g
Fats 118g 45g 76g

Avg Weekly Weight (5): 170.6 lbs
Avg Weight Day After Training Day: 172.4 lbs

Key Notes:

**Protein number much too low
**Fats need to be significantly lower on workout days. They should be lower than non-workout days… Much work to be done there… although, the easter feast really set me up behind for the week…
**Moving forward, diet will need to be buckled down

It is important to remember that weight loss is NOT a linear progression. The fact that I’m only up 2 lbs (based on weekly average weight) is impressive. After all, I average 500 more calories this week.

I am not worried because I believe the two days I missed weighing would’ve brought that number down. But, that’s neither here nor there.

If I bring my fat intake down on the workout days, I should be golden Ponyboy. And, it’s very possible that I’ve put on some muscle during this process… after all, my numbers seem to be going up…

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