Getting lean is never a linear process. A successful diet often has days of complete debauchery. Perfection is not attainable. Therefore, aim to operate within the boundaries and principles of success. Week 4 brings a very important component to the conversations.

Shredded Week 4 Pic

I hope my imperfections in this process allow you to see that you’re not the only one who struggles; we all struggle. However, we must remain Relentless and never give up on ourselves.

I’m reviewing this week in hindsight. The perspective will be much different. Overall, a solid week and a couple of streaks come to an end, out of pure hedonism.

April 23

Morning Weight: 169.8 lbs @ 7:05 AM

***Non-Training Day***

Food Calories Pro CHO Fat
Breakfast Burrito w/ Chicken 330 36g 26g 6g
Guacamole – 4oz 230 2g 8g 22g
Quest Bar – S'mores (2) 380 40g 44g 16g
Snickers PB Egg (2) 420 6g 34g 24g
Grilled Chicken Wrap 600 54g 68g 14g
Totals 1960 138g 180g 82g

Today, I stepped on the golf course for the first time in 9/10 months. It felt great. I capstone this moment with some great friends and few cigars! Check out the video:


Nutrition wise, this wasn’t the best. BUT, caloric deficit was achieved so not a total loss.

April 24

Morning Weight: 169.2 @ 8:05 AM

***Non-Training Day***

Food Calories Pro CHO Fat
Scrambled Eggs – 3 273 18g 0g 21g
Avocado – 1/2 med 117 1.5g 6g 10.5g
Ground Beef Patties (96%) – 4 520 84g 0g 16g
NutraBio WPI – 2 scps 220 50g 2g 0g
Almond Milk – 1.5 cups 90 1.5g 3g 4.5g
Oatmeal (Maple/Brown Sugar) – 2 packs 320 8g 64g 4g
Totals 1540 163g 76g 56g

Good solid day to get nutrition back on track.

April 25

Morning Weight: 168.3 lbs @ 7:25 AM

***Training Day***

Today, I took a bit of a “de-load” workout and trained only arms. I wanted to really make sure that my legs were 100% for dead lifts on Friday. The strategy would pay off.

Exercise Set 1 Set 2 Set 3
**MILITARY PRESS 115 x 8 110 x 8 100 x 8
**BB CURL 95 x 8 85 x 8 70 x 8
Rope Extensions
Seated Lat/Rear DB Raises
Donkey Calf Raise Mach


Food Calories Pro CHO Fat
Ground Turkey (99% lean) – 1 lb 520 104g 0g 8g
Ketchup (Heinz) – 102g 120 2g 30g 0g
NutraBio WPI (2 scps) 220 50g 2g 0g
Pop's Cereal (154g) 588 7g 135.5g 0g
Cake Bites (Optimum Nutrition) 240 20g 25g 7g
NutraBio WPI (2 scps) 220 50g 2g 0g
Quest Bar – Mint Choc Chip 190 20g 19g 9g
Almond Milk (2 cups) 120 1g 2g 3g
Totals 2313 255g 238g 31g

Now, this was a solid workout day, nutritionally speaking. Fat content was significantly lower in comparison to other workout days. This is ideal. (Pats self on back)

April 26

Morning Weight: 168.3 @ 9:15 AM

***Non-Training Day***

Food Calories Pro CHO Fat
Salad w/ Spinach
Grilled Chicken – 8oz 200 44g 0g 4g
Cranberries – 1/3 cup 123 0g 33g 0g
Blue Cheese – 1oz 100 2g 1g 8g
Scrambled Eggs – 2 182 12g 0g 14g
Avocado – 1/2 med 117 1.5g 6g 10.5g
Muscle Matrix MRP 235 25g 25g 5g
Almond Milk – 1.5 cups 90 1.5g 4.5g 3g
Totals 1517 194g 72g 55g 

Pretty solid day of a non-training day. Another feather in the cap!

April 27

Morning Weight: 167.7 lbs @ 7:20 AM

***Non-Training Day***

Food Calories Pro CHO Fat
Salad w/ Spinach
Grilled Chicken – 8oz 200 44g 0g 4g
Cranberries – 1/3 cup 123 0g 33g 0g
Blue Cheese – 1oz 100 2g 1g 8g
Greek Pasta Salad (1/2 cup) 105 3g 14g 4g
Scrambled Eggs (4) 364 24g 0g 28g
Avocado – 1 med 234 3g 12g 21g
Oatmeal (Maple/Brown Sugar) – 1 pack 160 4g 32g 2g
Classic Whey – 1 scp 130 25g 2g 2g
Almond Milk – 2 cups 120 2g 4g 6g
NutraBio WPI – 1 scp 110 25g 1g 0g
Totals 1756 161g 103g 76g


April 28

Morning Weight: 168.1 @ 6:30 AM

***Training Day***

LIFT Set 1 Set 2 Set 3
DEAD LIFT 370 x 4 350 x 5 340 x 5
SQUAT 315 x 2 275 x 5

I did quite a bit of other leg work too (i.e. hack squat mach, leg extension/curls, seated calf raises). Didn’t bother tracking these. Mostly just focused on the tracking of the compound lifts. Very pleased with todays training.


This day, I made a critical mistake. I checked social media during my workout. Got called out on Facebook and that set me off. Led to Daily Nick 015 – “Fired Up Friday.”

I was ‘on one’

I decided that it was best to make a little drive down to the beach and gather my thoughts and prepare myself for what could be a nice little Troll War. It fizzled out rather quickly after I deployed some of the small artillery.

Must be something in the air, as this was the 3rd time in the same week, I found myself on the defense. I briefly thought, “maybe it’s me…” that thought quickly faded as I was reminded of the last half decade of research, self-expirements, and study.

This week has taught me, or rather reminded me, that when you go against the grain, you’re gonna get called out. That’s fine by me; I’m more than ready. I have an abundance of content to reference and can pull out the shit-talking skills if necessary.

Please, if you call me out, come prepared.

Nonetheless, I destroyed 2 chicken sandwiches and two orders of sweet potato fries down in Oceanside. This lead to eating like a complete asshole. I wish not to talk about it, honestly.

April 29

Morning Weight: 170.4 lbs @ 7:10 AM

***Non-Training Day*** 

The ass-holish eating would continue into Saturday. This evening I would also break a 2 1/2 year streak. I enjoyed a few Jameson and Sprite Zero’s. Far from getting drunk but I was feeling pretty good, as my tolerance has decreased significantly since my last taste.

I then quickly caught a 4-6 hour case of “fuck it.” I ate everything in site… to add insult to injury, I found myself at a blackjack table at 2 AM down a couple of bones… but hey, had a good time and I needed to blow of some steam.


An Important Lesson

Even the best of dieters, slip up and fall. And fall hard. The most Relentless of people slip and fall. When this happens, it’s best not to beat yourself up. Just pick up your shit, get up and keep it movin’.

In the grand scheme of things, 1-2 days will not break you. It’s the 1-2 months that these moments can leak into that kills you.

As a I sit here on Sunday afternoon, I have two choices:

1. Continue to eat bad and feel bad for myself because I’ve ruined my diet
2. Pick up my shit, and do what needs to be done to get back on track

I think you know the answer to that! May my slip up encourage you and educate you that perfection is not attainable. Knowing that you’ll slip and fall is part of the Relentless Mindset.

However, when it happens, you must realize that you have to abruptly cut it off and get back on track. Do not dwell, do not get sad/depressed. Focus on making this day GREAT. Take it one day at a time. The war is not won all at one time. It’s won on the small, daily battles.


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