What we tell ourselves is more important than what any external source tells us. We believe self talk and best of all, we act upon it.

If you don’t journal, I highly recommend it. It’s a great way to organize your thoughts and gain some mental clarity.

This time of year, I always find myself questioning myself and my future. I’m coming off a big decision of stepping away from what most would call a dream job.

It’s not something I’ve taken lightly. In fact, it’s one of the few things I still ask myself if that was the right decision. I miss it.

But, I guess you could count it among the several leaps of faith I’ve taken over the last few years. I’ve got several projects in the works, which I think could really pop. Only time will tell but if I hadn’t taken that leap, I’m not sure where I would stand, in relation to those projects.

Long story short, I can get down on myself, just like everybody else. It’s okay. I think we all go through seasons that are a bit darker than others.

The fall has always been a weird season for me, after football. I struggled and still struggle with finding my identity after football. Nonetheless, I believe I’m inching closer to finding that identity.

The following journal entry will be pivotal in my success. I think a similar self-talk will do wonders for you, as well. Hence, I share with you today. Enjoy.



“Bro, you can do whatever you want with this life. Don’t be discouraged!

You’ve had many, many things go your way, through discipline and hard-work. You stepped away from them, on your terms. Something about it wasn’t as fulfilling as you needed it to be.

Anything you set your mind to, you will achieve. You know this!

You’re capable of putting in the work. You have the patience to let it come it come with time. You’re resourceful enough to make things happen.

You get in your own way when you wonder what other people are thinking or saying. Don’t compare you journey to others. Life’s not a competition. Do more of what makes you happy.

Now, what is it you want?

What are you committed to?

Go out and get it!”

This may sound bat-shit crazy but I truly believe that I can do whatever it is that I want, with some limitations. For instance, I’m never going to play in the NBA or NFL.

But, in business, life’s business, I can be more successful than most could ever imagine. That’s a great thing but not for the indecisive. When it comes to something of this importance, it’s a tough thing to decide on.

To answer, I (we) must answer these questions… what is it that I (we) want? What is that I (we) am (are) committed to?

Answer those questions and you’re half way there!

Have A Great Day!


Feel free to share with somebody you think needs to hear this! For any comments or questions, comment below or email me: Train@NickLaToof.com


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