I like to think, ponder if you will. Weekends provide space both mentally and physically. Short and thought-provoking over the weekend insights.


Perhaps, it’s just the West Coast vibe but I love the slower paced vibe of the weekend. It suits my easy going / care-free demeanor, I suppose.

Nonetheless, the weekends provide space…space to think…. space to ponder…. space to relax and unwind… space to write….

Many of you who know me, know that I am quite the thinker… I’m often asked, rhetorically mind you, “watcha thinkin’?”

Often, I’ll respond with “not much.”

Although I certainly have before, I wish not to burden others with my vast questioning of things and contemplative ideas of action, of which, many find to be crazy.



Below I list a few quotes that I’ve been pondering on over the last few months. Quotes that have found me and begged me to ask myself some difficult questions. Much like my book, I give you the quote as well as my thought process behind each quote. Enjoy.

“Life’s too short to do shit
that you don’t want to do.”

Granted, in life, there will certainly be things that you must do that you don’t want to. So, please don’t take that quote out of context.

However, the above quote was one that lingered in my mind this past weekend. And, it wasn’t even based on something that I didn’t want to do.

If you break down what makes a difficult decision difficult is that both options are good. If that be the case, you have to ask yourself what’s best for me and my future. I find that to be an incredibly selfish question to ask.

But, as ironic as it may sound, the best way to be selfless is to be selfish.

I understand how that can be counter-intuitive but can you pour from an empty cup?

In order to fully serve others, you must be happy and content with yourself. You must fill your cup up before you can share with others.

So, in the words of Asher Roth, “fill up my cup…” ah, you know the rest.


“Writers Live Interesting Lives”

This quote has lingered with me for over a year. It’s definitely something I pondered before I decided to pack up my bags and head west. (Full story here)

The more I write, the more I realize the influence I have with the written word. It’s incredibly humbling to me but I deserve my ass kicked if I don’t listen to that inner voice saying, “write more fool!

I contemplate on what to write about, as I wish not to put together utter non-sense… then the above quote finds me… I don’t have to make things up… all I have to do is do interesting stuff, see interesting views and meet interesting people then just document that journey…

With that being said, it’s time to go do some top shelf shit… 



There’s nothing really special about me. I’m just an ordinary guy that’s willing to give up things that most others won’t in order to see and do things few people get to do in their lifetime.

Honestly, it’s nothing that you can’t do. The world is out there for the taking. There’s plenty for all of us. And, I believe, those who are willing to go out and see what’s out there will be handsomely rewarded with some of the greatest treasure on earth…

Let’s go see what’s out there, shall we?

 – Ole LaToof

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